Price List for Wrought Iron Sections

Below is a price guide for typical wrought iron sections we produce. The prices shown are per ft of material. Please click on the link to download it. The section sizes listed in the price guide are by no means all the sizes we produce so if you do not see the size you require then please email us your enquiry. We roll wrought iron to order which means we can roll pretty much any size you require within reason. Our normal bar length is 8-10 feet but if this does not meet with your requirements we will try to produce sizes you can work with.

We will update this guide with any price changes as and when they occur so please confirm any prices you have worked out using this guide before actually ordering any wrought iron.

The wrought iron we supply is re-rolled from existing puddled wrought iron. We do not puddle the wrought iron itself.  All prices shown are per ft of material.

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