In conjunction with our parent company TOPP & Co. We have recently launched a quick on-line quote system to help you get the prices you need quickly and efficiently. To help minimize waste of this unique material we roll our genuine wrought iron in either 4ft, 6ft or 8ft lengths as standard. the quick quote prices are based on a 1ft length so if you need 20ft simply put 20 in the qty box. We roll wrought iron to order which means we can roll pretty much any section size you require within reason.

The quick quote system has been introduced to provide a quicker quoting service for our customers for the growing number of enquiries we are receiving for wrought iron prices. If you are tendering for a job, using the on-line quick quote form allows you to get an immediate quote.

If the quote progresses to an order you will then have the opportunity to contact us to change or amend the section sizes and quantities before placing your order.

The site also includes a link to frequently asked questions. These are questions typically asked by customers when inquiring about ordering wrought iron from us. Hopefully by looking through these, you will find the answer to any queries that you have, allowing you to complete the quote request. If you do have questions that are not answered here, please email us at We will try to answer them and, also use them to evolve this page for other users.

Please note, the wrought iron we supply is re-rolled from existing puddled wrought iron. We do not puddle the wrought iron itself.

Please click this link to go to our quick quote page.