Contemporary Wrought Iron Driveway Gate

For the design of these contemporary wrought iron gates we took inspiration from the dominating roof feature of the house; the large lead rood panels split regularly by the seams. This theme was used to form into the strong base section with the divisions carried upwards until captured between the double top rails. To avoid the design becoming too austere we use joint detailing to complete visual and practical construction requirements.

Made in Genuine Wrought Iron with electro polished stainless steel highlights the gate design is very different. It works well from whether viewing from the front or the back, inserting the stainless steel was a challenge; it required a careful use of heat during the hot riveting process to avoid discolouring through heat transfer. As you can see from the pictures taken a few years on from installation, these wrought iron gates are ageing beautifully, highlighting the natural patina of puddled wrought iron. They will get better and better which is a welcome change from the normal deterioration of finishes. All they require is a coat of Danish oil from time to time to keep them looking fresh.

Client: Private Customer

Year: 2007

Material: Genuine Wrought Iron