New Entrance Gates for Weston Park Sheffield

These gates were made as part of the restoration of Weston Park in Sheffield. Made for the south east park entrance we made new gates for this vehicular entrance, as the original ones that were stolen. Made in wrought iron, we used historic photographs to ensure these gates are an exact replica of the originals in design, methods of construction and materials.

Update – May 2011: Back in 2008 we made this pair of wrought iron gates for one of the entrances at Weston Park in Sheffield. To replace gates that had been stolen in September 1994.

17 years after they went missing they have been found! They disappeared from one of the entrances to Weston Park, with mystery surrounding how a 20ft, 2 ton wrought iron structure could be removed without anybody noticing. They were padlocked together by park keepers one night in September 1994. The following morning university staff reported them missing. It was assumed to be a professional job, with police believing the ornate gates, listed for their architectural value, were to be shipped abroad, possibly to South America.

We made the replica gates that were installed at the corner of the park off Western Bank, next to Sheffield University’s Firth Court, as part of the park’s lottery-financed restoration in 2008, and the question of whatever happened to the Victorian originals was left open.
Now, after all this time, they have turned up on a development site in Derbyshire after being spotted by a member of the public. David Cooper, the council’s policy and projects manager in the parks service, said the gates had turned up at the end of a drive on a farm redevelopment site in Derbyshire.