Wrought Iron is still available

In fact, we have racks full of genuine wrought iron

We supply both re-rolled puddled and charcoal wrought iron.

Available in standard sizes in squares, rounds and flats as well as standard 2½ convex handrail.

If your preferred size is not in stock we have a monthly rolling programme, with no minimum quantity, so if you only want 2 feet you only pay for 2 feet.

Wrought iron is a different material from pure iron and mild steel. It has unique properties of ductility, weldability and longevity not matched by either of the others, and is the same material as original heritage iron.

Try a sample bundle containing 20kg of mixed common sections between 1 and 2ft long each. Costs £50 plus VAT & carriage.

For more information please ask for our e-brochure on wrought iron.