Handrail & Special Sections

Inspired by the need to replicate antique and long lost special sections in wrought iron we have installed hot rolling capacity which enables us to tool up cost effectively to produce even small quantities of handrail and special sections

We have a standard profile handrail which is available in three sizes (sizes in Inches):
2½ x ¾
2 x ½
1½ x ⅝

Other profiles are also available, shown below are some of the profiles we have ‘tooling’ for and we would be very pleased to quote for your requirements. If the profile you require is not shown please contact us for a price.

Specialist Sections

Simply send us a sample or a drawing of your required section and we will give you a feasibility study and a quote.

Durham handrail

St Paul's handrail

Wormistourne handrail

HR3 small handrail section

HR3 medium handrail section

HR3 large handrail section

Latest News

This video clip is of a square corner detail for a gate

Arek and Sam forging a square corner detail for the top rail of a wrought iron gate they are making. If you want to see more videos like this follow us on INSTAGRAM rollingwroughtiron READ MORE

October 2017

grain example close up

Getting ready to cog some wrought iron chain

Tadas is getting the wrought iron chain ready for straightening and cogging down to 2" billet. Each full link weighs about 200kg and we cut it into 4 to cog. If you want to see … READ MORE

October 2017