Standard & bespoke sections

The Real Wrought Iron Company, is the only supplier of genuine wrought iron. We roll genuine wrought iron using our in-house rolling mill into the various standard sections that are typically used by blacksmiths. We also roll and supply bespoke sizes and specialist sections, handrails and glazing bar. Our Rolling mill is also available for hire work rolling.

Rolled genuine wrought iron is available in:

Round Bar
Square Bar
Flat Bar
Puddled Plate– maximum width 16″ x 3/32″ thick up to 1/2″ thick. Length will vary depending on thickness but as a rule 36″ is about the maximum length. Please give us a call if your requirement differs from this guideline.

Glazing Bar & Mouldings

We can roll wrought iron glazing bar & mouldings to your bespoke design or to match existing sections. Please contact us with your requirements and we will assess the feasibility and costs.

Charcoal Iron

Charcoal iron is typical of pre -19th century irons, or what has come to be known as Swedish Iron. It is available by special request, particularly in sheet form, which lends itself admirably to repousee work.

Imperial Sizes

We sell wrought iron in imperial sizes (feet and inches) in order that it will fully match historic ironwork. For those of you that are too young to remember or have not used the system an explanation is outlined below –

1000mm = 39.36 inches
25.4mm = 1 inch
12 inches = 1 foot

Glossary: inch, in (abbreviation), ” (also means inch) inches (plural) foot, ft (abbreviation), ‘(also means foot), feet (plural). Please contact us to discuss your special requirements.

Odd Sizes

Other sections not shown on the list may be produced by rolling, or by forging. We are able to provide sizes larger than those shown. Please contact us to discuss your special requirements.

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